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At EST we provide a complete technical service properly customized to your personal and business needs. We provide you with real-time technical support, advanced web development and business IT infrastructure. Networking people and computers is what we do best. We help others to communicate more efficiently through the clever use of technology.

So how can we help you?

For Home: What we offer to a home user is peace of mind.
EST has many computer solutions:

Don't wait until its too late, stay up to date with virus definitions and backups. Did you Know that in fact some virus software actually creates viruses so that you think your getting your monies worth.

We are committed to providing to you a complete service that goes far beyond your expectations!

For Business: Let EST assist, with over 15 years business experience and our confident understanding of operations.
Our integrity is clear and presise and our abilities only follow.

~ contact us for a free consultation ~
We believe that information technology is the social revolution and this is why we think of IT from a social stand point.  It allows for greater expansion and upgrading options while saving money and resources, giving you a better product able to do more for more people.  

Technology is such a large part of our social lives.  It keeps us in touch, up to speed and in the know.  It allows us to share at a rate not ever possible before and is continuously increasing. 
With 15+ years experience in these areas, EST is sure that we can help your process.

“How we stay connected and communicate is only as good as our abilities allow for.”

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Tech is ever so constantly changing. 

The market has a huge influence on people to spend money buying up gadgets, hardware and software, claiming to make our lives easier.  Even for the tech guru,  too many of the wrong gadgets can be overwhelming and not efficient. We can help you to make the right choices.

Did you know that an average computer sold over 5 years ago still over qualifies in running most business applications.   

 In fact, aside from video games and professional engineering software,  a top of the line computer from 5 years ago isn’t much different than those being sold today.  Upgrading seems to be a thing of the past but it actually saves time and money.  Imagine spending time and energy learning new interfaces and setting up ones environment only to have similar performance. 

Learn to use what you have and still keep up with the rest. Allow for time to see if a product will have support.  Make responsible purchases by practicing patience to see if you really do need it or is it just impulse. Old computers are harsh and toxic and unless properly recycled they off gas and destroy the earth. The process of making a new computer is actually even worse although newer green standards are being adopted and creating a sudden trend. 

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  • VPN 
  • Wireless
  • IP phone integration
  • Routing/Gateway Server 
  • Web Design/Development: Your website tells the story of your company. We can help share and communicate your vision.
  • Shopping Carts 
  • Web Security 
  • Domain / DNS 
  • Company Profiles – Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Company wiki 
  • Your Local Support: This is where all your communication begins. Let us help you make the right choices for you business
  • Desktop – Laptop Support ( PC- MAC )
  • PDA integration
  • Remote support
  • PDA- iPhone, Droid, Android


Local support:

  • Broadband Installation


  • Data Backup & Recovery

  • Desktop & Laptop Repair

  • DSL configuration

  • Firewall installations

  • General Maintenance

  • Hard drive recovery

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • IT Staffing

  • Kiosk Installation

  • Network Configuration

  • Network Wiring

  • Router & Server install and support

  • Viral and spyware removals

  • System Restoration

  • VPN Setup & Support

  • Wireless networking and security

Let us work with you!


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