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Know your Technology

Did you know that an average computer sold over 5 years ago still over qualifies in running most business applications.   

 In fact, aside from video games and professional engineering software,  a top of the line computer from 5 years ago isn’t much different than those being sold today.  Upgrading seems to be a thing of the past but it actually saves time and money.  The energy spent learning new interfaces or setting up ones environment again only to have similar performance. 

Learn to use what you have and still keep up with the rest. Allow for time to see if a product will have support.  Make responsible purchases by practicing patience to see if you really do need it or is it just impulse. Old computers are harsh and toxic and unless properly recycled they off gas and destroy the earth. The process of making a new computer is actually even worse although newer green standards are being adopted and creating a sudden trend. 

~ what we offer ~

  • Virus, worm removal

  • Broadband Installation

  • Data Backup & Recovery

  • Desktop & Laptop Repair

  • DSL configuration

  • Firewall installations

  • General Maintenance

  • Hard drive recovery

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Our complete listing

When it comes to technical abilities we are not all equal
and even among the best techs there are still the ones
who stand out. EST was founded on beliefs that small
business is needed for our country to grow and repair.
Help us to show you by letting EST be your complete
computer tech gurus. With the best possible prices and
most experience available we are positive that you will be delighted. Don't worry, you can afford us, we'll see to it.
There is no job too small, so we would like to meet you and help. Periodically EST teams up with other companies and provides beginner computer skills classes, contact us for the next available class in your area.

Networking Networking Networking

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Our take on Networking

We are a conscious company, so we understand what its like to pay for expensive equipment when your not really sure what this product does or how to operate it.

We will delight you with the maximum cooperation of your digital components which will ensure you increased compatibility without creating a heap of service plans and costs related hype. You pay for it and it works, thats how we all like it. Free estimates are always available. If you are a non-profit or a school call us for better rates.


Let us work with you!

Floyd Virginia

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